So I used to be in this band…

So I used to be in this band…

…FatherDoug… 2 days ago. And I guess we broke up. And we were together for 2 years. And those two years were the roughest committed relationship of my life.



I’m only 22, so I know that I will go through rougher breakups, but, in some form or another, this is akin to having a committed relationship with 4 to 6 boys at one time and then all the hard work, tears, and love of 2 years is gone. Real blood, sweat and tears, baby, our shows got pretty gnarly rageface wild:) Also, I really do feel like my lyrics and melodies are like little creation babies that have been ripped from my womb and I’ll never see them again. Yes, this is dramatic, but I am sensitive and that is how I feel.

So, this is me being present with my feelings about the subject, so that I may begin to come to terms with a very difficult reality.

Check out our EP and other stuff… If you are a musician and would like to work with me let me know. I would love to have music project stops guide my journey when I take off next year.


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